DevelopStuff, LLC

DevelopStuff, LLC

We provide consulting and freelance software development to select projects, startups, and companies.

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Software Development and Architecture

Our core service is software development. We specialize in Ruby, Erlang, and .Net, but can handle almost any language or platform.


Traffic is surging in the mobile world. Be ahead of the game with iOS, Android, and Google Glass. We're constantly prototyping on these devices!


A small website only gets you so far. We've built scaled solutions to handle millions of users and millisecond requirements.


Sometimes planning and implementing hardware for your ideas is difficult. Let us handle that. We can scale you in the cloud or in your own custom dedicated hardware setup. Procurement to live should be easy.


Jake Good - Founder, Hacker

I'm a Ruby developer that loves to play with science, math, and gadgets. Previously, I was part of a startup called, acquired by Facebook. I live in Minneapolis with my wife, 2 dogs, and son. I'm a foodie, a gamer, and a self proclaimed scientist.